Our Robotic Surgery Service

Our Da Vinci robot is situated in a state-of-the-art operating theatre designed to give our consultants maximum control of the environment. A specialist robotics-trained nurse assists the consultant during the procedure, and our theatre teams have undertaken surgical robotic training to ensure maximum effectiveness.

As with the traditional minimally invasive surgical method, the procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia. A number of small openings (ports) are made, each about 5–12mm in length, through which a variety of different instruments can be introduced. These instruments have a greater range of movement than the human hand, allowing the surgeon to carry out an operation in smaller and more difficult-to-reach areas within the body.

Through a magnified viewfinder, the surgeon examines images sent to the console by the endoscopic camera inside the body. The surgeon’s hands are then placed in ultrasensitive controls, allowing the robot’s arms to mimic, with extreme precision, the surgeon’s movements.

This advance in surgical technology means that you can now expect better outcomes from major and routine operations than ever before. Read about the benefits here.