Treatment at the breast care clinic

Expert clinicians

All of our doctors (surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and pathologists) are teaching hospital consultants. They are leading experts in the field of breast disease and fulfil all of the quality requirements of the NHS breast cancer screening programme.

You’ll be accompanied throughout your treatment by our specialist breast care nurse, available to provide you with personalised support, and can be contacted for information and/or appointments.

A range of specialists (surgeons, radiologists, radiographers, oncologists, pathologists and our breast care nurse) will meet to discuss your treatment plan.This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that every aspect of your disease and circumstances are taken into account in order to provide the best possible treatment and optimal outcomes.

On-site counselling and support

The Christie Clinic is dedicated to breast awareness, and all of our clinical staff are trained to deal with breast concerns.

As well as a wide range of information leaflets, day-to-day support and information from our specialist breast care nurse, you will have access to a dedicated on-site counselling service, run by an experienced psychological counsellor who is part of the multi-disciplinary team at The Christie Clinic.

Research and clinical trials

Our research board comprises of experts from The Christe Clinic clinic, alongside European leaders in the field, who are invited to coordinate groundbreaking research within the independent sector.

This means that the cutting-edge work of our specialists, including new therapies and technology, will be available to you.

State-of-the-art technology

You can feel reassured that throughout your treatment you’ll have access to the very best equipment available.

This includes:

  • full-field digital mammography with computer-aided detection and high-resolution ultrasound scanning
  • image-guided biopsies
  • even newer technologies, such as breast MRI scanning, vacuum-assisted tissue sampling (see below) and IMRT radiotherapy (see below)
  • rapid keyhole removal of benign masses under local anaesthetic

EnCor® advanced breast biopsy system

A major advancement in clinical equipment, the EnCor® system is a minimally invasive vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device. It allows clinicians to take samples of breast lesions using image guidance, which allows for highly accurate targeted samples.

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy

Our clinical oncologists are able to treat patients using the latest Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). This advanced form of radiotherapy has pinpoint accuracy, allowing higher doses of radiation to be delivered to the target area, reducing treatment time and damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Like to know more?

If you would like more information about our treatment processes and the technology we use, please contact us or call us on 0161 918 7296.