The Breast Care Clinic

If you’ve discovered breast symptoms, you won’t want to wait around for appointments and referrals.

We have no waiting lists at The Christie Private Care. What’s more, we provide a one-stop triple assessment to diagnose you at your first appointment, giving you peace of mind and allowing any treatment to begin without delay.

Streamlined care

You won’t have to worry about seeing a number of different doctors in several different locations. Our breast service provides comprehensive management for all breast conditions, whether cancerous or benign, with services from diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy to radiotherapy, reconstructive surgery and after care, all on one site. Your care will be consultant led, and one specialist will oversee your treatment from start to finish – giving you consistency of care.

We are proud to work with some of the UK’s best breast surgeons, oncologists and radiologists, supported by specialist breast care nurses and a range of other healthcare professionals. Together, our specialised team provides patients with rapid access to a one-stop clinic.

If you have had a screening mammogram somewhere else and it indicates the need for additional testing or examination, we can see you within 24 hours of your referral.