Why Do Patients Choose to Self-Fund their Treatment?

Patients who would like to pursue private healthcare but do not have private medical insurance can self-fund their treatment. It is entirely up to them and can be the appropriate choice for some patients. Maybe they:

  • don’t want to be put onto a waiting list, particularly when diagnosis and treatment times can impact on clinical outcomes.
  • would like to be treated by a particular consultant specialist.
  • would like to benefit from certain drugs or treatments not available in the NHS, which is particularly applicable to some cancer treatments.
  • would like the experience of a private setting.

Direct access to services without waiting lists

We can usually arrange an appointment within 48 hours of initial referral; in some cases this can be done within 24 hours or even on the same day, depending on the nature of the referral.

Our services, including diagnostic testing, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical and inpatient care, are all direct access and have no waiting lists.

No restriction on referrals

We treat patients at any stage of illness – from initial investigation and diagnostic testing to follow-up treatment or end-of-life care. There are no restrictions on referrals, and patients have direct access to our services.

Our patients have access to some approved drugs that are not available within the NHS, and can also benefit from access to trial drugs and clinical trial programmes.

Robust clinical governance policies

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, separately from The Christie NHS Trust. Our governance arrangements are robust and we have a very collaborative approach to governance with our NHS partner.

As a private clinic we have our own highly stringent governance processes and we have a clinical governance manager to help us meet the highest possible targets. Areas of excellence in performance are infection control, patient satisfaction, audit, risk assessment and management.

Internationally renowned consultants lead patient care

You will already know and refer patients to many of our consultants, who all hold substantive NHS posts. You can refer your patient directly to the consultant you feel will offer your patient the best care or to a specific service (for example, making a generic referral to our breast care service means that your patient can see an expert clinician at their convenience).

Every one of your patients will have a tailored, multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals, including expert nurses, who will provide 24-hour care. We offer all patients supportive care for themselves and their families, from diagnosis right through to follow-up care.