The most effective treatment for many types of cancer is surgery – sometimes in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. During surgery the surgeon will aim to remove the tumour, along with a surrounding border of healthy tissue.

When you choose to come to us for your treatment, you’ll benefit from our state-of-the-art operating theatres and world-leading consultant surgeons supported by a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team.

We have invested millions of pounds in making The Christie Clinic a leading centre for cancer treatment, and our partnership with the North West Robotic Group is evidence of this investment. The partnership gives our surgeons access to one of only a handful of Da Vinci robots in the country, which allows for maximum accuracy with minimum invasiveness during surgery.

As with any of our treatments, it’s important to us that you fully understand the nature of your surgical procedure and feel able to make informed decisions about your care. So your medical team will advise you of the best surgical options to treat your condition and will explain the procedures to you in full. Throughout your diagnosis, treatment and follow-up appointments, you’ll have every opportunity to ask questions.

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Visit Macmillan Cancer Care to find out more about undergoing surgery for cancer. Alternatively you can email us or call us on 0161 918 7296 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.