Diagnosis & Treatment Services

At The Christie Private Care, you can be reassured that we will handle every stage of your treatment, from initial tests and diagnosis to follow-up care. Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities and multi-disciplinary teams mean that we offer the full range of tests, treatments and holistic care – all on one site. We don’t have waiting lists, so we can get your results quickly and begin your treatment as soon as you are ready.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our modern and comfortable facility that is designed with patients in mind

Diagnosis and Treatment Services


You may need to have several different tests to make sure that your medical team has a clear overview of the type and stage of cancer.

We offer blood testing, biopsies and, if necessary, aspirates; these are all sent to our labs on site for analysis. We also offer CT, MRI, and PET scans as well as ultrasounds and x-rays.

Your consultant will discuss with you which tests you need, what each one involves and how long they will take. It is important to us that you play an active role in your care, so we are here with advice and to answer any questions you may have before we carry out any tests or treatment. Your consultant will also let you know when you will receive your results; depending on the tests you need, you might be able to get some results on the same day.

Your initial tests are usually carried out as an outpatient. If you need treatment we might need to repeat these tests – either as an outpatient, inpatient or day-care patient – to measure the treatment’s success.

We also offer a second opinion service, with access to consultants across HCA Healthcare UK hospitals, which can give you reassurance about your diagnosis or help you to decide between different treatments.


It is important that before any treatment begins you are able to make an informed choice about your care. So once you have been diagnosed, your consultant will discuss the different treatment options with you and answer any questions you may have.

Your treatment could include:

  • Chemotherapy in our special Chemotherapy Day-Care Unit
  • Radiotherapy in our advanced Radiotherapy Centre
  • Surgery in our state-of-the-art operating theatres, with access to the very latest robotic technology

As well as your consultant, we have a team of other healthcare professionals, including specialist nurses and counsellors, who can help you to understand your diagnosis and treatment as it progresses.